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National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association

States with the most hailstorms from 2012-2022

Hail is caused when updrafts carry water to altitudes where it freezes into pellets until it becomes so heavy that they fall. Some states have weather and geography more conducive to hail, known as ‘Hail Alley’. Here are a few of the worst over the past 10 years:


Total hailstorms: 1,243

Worst hailstorm: 2012 storm in Dallas ($900 million in damage)

South Dakota

Total hailstorms: 190

Worst hailstorm: 2013 storm in Pennington ($12 million in damage)


Total hailstorms: 548

Worst hailstorm: 2012 storm in Lincoln ($30 million in damage)


Total hailstorms: 38

Worst hailstorm: 2018 storm in Arapahoe ($276 million in damage)


Total hailstorms: 192

Worst hailstorm: 2013 storm in Bourbon ($30 million in damage)


Total hailstorms: 685

Worst hailstorm: 2014 storm in Adair ($10 million in damage)

North Dakota

Total hailstorms: 149

Worst hailstorm: 2016 storm in Burleigh ($50 million in damage)


Total hailstorms: 386

Worst hailstorm: 2012 storm in Oklahoma ($250 million in damage)


Total hailstorms: 141

Worst hailstorm: 2012 storm in Summit ($5 million in damage)

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